Who we are

The aim of Orbital Cultura
is to stand alongside our clients
to develop solutions that help museums

and cultural institutions to optimise
and enhance their resources
and income through tailor-made innovations.

Who we are

Orbital Cultura has been operating in the museum services sector for over thirty years, providing innovative solutions to foster the convergence of traditional and multi-channel strategies for museums and cultural institutions, supporting their openness and public receptivity. Our work is not limited to tech aspects – such as the creation of physical and virtual ticketing systems, the design of customised apps, e-commerce infrastructures and audio guides – but extends to the production of certified and Italian-made merchandising, fundraising and projects for the enhancement of historical and artistic heritage.

Orbital Cultura’s aim is to work alongside its clients to take on the new challenges of the web and mobile interfaces, not only guiding them towards their project goals but also sharing and investing with them in opportunities for experimentation and growth.

Our Fundraising tool is provided free of charge to cultural institutions, putting them in direct contact with their benefactors. Through this platform, without paying intermediaries or service charges, donors can support the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino with a simple click.

With Orbital Cultura, donating and taking advantage of the Art Bonus – the tax credit made available by the Italian Ministry of Culture – is simple and straightforward, whether donors choose to remain anonymous or become part of the Maggio Musicale’s Roll of Associates through its acknowledgement programme.

Orbital Cultura is a member of the NEXI group. For further information, visit www.orbital.cultura.com or write to info@orbitalcultura.com.